Vitrage on the beds 1
Vitrage on the beds 1

“Vitrage” as Room Decoration

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Something that is not in place is not necessarily bad. In design, it is not reasonably able to look unique. For example the use of these curtains in the bedroom. Curtains or drapes has long been known as window coverings. Function, to block light entering and maintaining privacy.

Shape and the material is varied. Starting from the usual cloth until semi-transparent material commonly referred to as vitrage. Although it is known as window coverings, curtains actually also has been used by other functions. For example, a shower curtain that serves to limit the area of wet and dry areas in the bathroom. Since the tangent to the water, then the material is made of plastic. What if the curtain barrier was applied in other areas, such as the bedroom? No problem, really. Look at the example in this picture.

Hang the curtains right next to the bed. Select vitrage with white or cream or other appropriate color. Why should we choose the vitrage? Because, opaque fabrics that would disrupt the view and make the room feel more cramped. By choosing a semi-transparent material, you can add privacy without reducing the size of the space visually.

When it is not used, tie blinds with fabric or ribbon. The room looks more beautiful, also increases privacy. At first glance, like the bed of the royal family.

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