1 pelt charcoal black sheep fur rug single p 4123
1 pelt charcoal black sheep fur rug single p 4123

Things to consider while cleaning sheepskin rugs

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It is very advantageous to have a sheepskin rug in your room especially in winter season. These rugs can keep you warm in cold weather. You may wear these rugs like shepherds used to wear in old times. Moreover, you can use this rug as a cushion on your bed which will provide you warmth while sleeping. In some places, people suffering from bedsores sleep on these rugs due to its healing properties. Although these rugs repel dust and dirt but still it may get dirty if used regularly. To ensure durability of these rugs you need to consider some instructions while cleaning sheepskin rugs.

By taking some care, you may increase the longevity of your rug. Instead of washing regularly you need to brush your rug with a wire brush. It is beneficial to brush softly as it may damage the fiber of your rug. You may shake your rug often in order to clean the dust particles deposited over the rug. There are many wool wash detergents available in the market which is used to clean sheepskin rugs. You need not use detergents in order to clean these rugs as it may harm the fiber of your rugs. It is essential to use warm water to wash these rugs as these rugs may shrink or damage by washing in cold water.

After washing it is important not to expose these rugs in sunlight as it may damage the leather of your rug. You may dry them by spreading it in your corridor or someplace away from sunlight. Many companies selling sheepskin rugs advice to dry clean your rug instead of washing them. They may take proper care required to clean these rugs.
By considering these points you may able to enjoy the warmth of your rug for a long period of time.

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