Arkinetia mari castello espana es pujol de s era estudio de arquitectura vivienda minima
Arkinetia mari castello espana es pujol de s era estudio de arquitectura vivienda minima

Rectangular shape house – Modern Design Architecture

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We’re here comes with a charming appearance accompanied with a good final solution, so that the view becomes more realistic, not only a long time to plan the development, but also the spirit and confidence to make it happen … hopefully the effort, thought and all the energy that is poured to produce something that is best. If you want to design your own home please choose a modern form, the best thing you can do with system and the concept of architecture, a design architect in charge of everything related to the design of buildings up to become a building according to what you want.

The Highgate Hill Residence, by Richard Kirk Architects, is situated on the cliffs overlooking the south with the ridge of the oldest streets of Brisbane – Dornoch Terrace. Steepness of the site and the desire to connect the house to a land parcel outside the home to adopt two distinct identities – the north and east is the small volume of floating rate floats above a single steel pin fine – the south and west of the vertical and the monumental character of the residence revealed three high level. Steepness of the rectangular site has resulted in a green landscape and adults consisting of a mixture of native and exotic, creating opportunities to put the house in a landscape rich environment. South and West facades reveal the height of buildings and engage with the views of much more monumental and responds with a distant view.

To the North and East, the level of life including landscape as the top-level hovering over the area of land as a protective canopy. In areas where buildings are more intimate, raw and refined, and deliberately small details. Fine wood vertical screen to the street-level members give the public facade curtain wooden screen that works as a series of layers placed on building volume. The top level of North wall has a glossy facade mullions or vertical wood interior and open with views of northern lights that filtered through the canopy of trees. To integrate the landscape with a place to stay at the secondary level, the external openings on a significant scale so that the internal floor slab is fully open outdoor space that consists of a series of floating platforms decking ground plane made from wood or grass. To celebrate the transition from interior to exterior walls of the east and north facing fully open through a series of stacking wood sliding glass panels. In response to the dominance of the landscape, the house fully dressed in wood and glass timber system façade where each species was chosen for orientation and age in response to weathering.

Rectangular shape house held more than three levels with intermediate level which contains the living and dining as well as the entry point of the road. The top level contains all the bedrooms and the space located above the dining room. The lower level contains the living room and media room. Void home serves not only as a tool to drive space and reduce the vertical height of the trees outside, but also separates the bedroom of parents and children. This ladder is an important organization reference between the level and treated as an element of sculpture that meanders a bit in a vacuum to allow shapes to visually link all levels.

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