Wood white and charcoal modern exterior paint themes
Wood white and charcoal modern exterior paint themes

Modern design style is not necessarily expensive

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Home design lately developed very fast. We can find various kinds of modern home design is growing in society today, among other things minimalist modern design house, modern, Mediterranean, classic, luxurious and so forth. This is mandatory according to the development of time, we increasingly realize that the role of design and architectural design services are very influential for the beauty of our home designs. Modern design style is essentially an answer to the situation triggered by the people who adopts modern.

Beautiful is not necessarily expensive.

Creativity is a wise and intelligent design are able to realize more and appear attractive modern homes. Architect Robert M. Cain has been wearing his thinking cap when he came to Green the latest design, extraordinary architecture sustainable housing in Decatur, Georgia. The two-level modern, 2,800-sq .- ft. RainShine House named for the innovative design features, a “butterfly” roof that hangs over the continuous clerestories that allows for the interior bathed in the sun. A unique feature’s inverted form of winged collect rainwater for recycling, while also positioning the roof-mounted solar cells south to take full advantage of sustainable solar energy.

Under the roof of an environmentally friendly, sustainable features of this architecture overlay of thermal glass, and thick walls which naturally maintains a comfortable interior environment. According to the architect, “RainShine built under the LEED for Homes Pilot Rating System Program. Once completed it was awarded the highest rating – Platinum – because it has exceeded the requirements by 11 points is important” is RainShine-House is also ENERGY STAR and EarthCraft-certified, so that among the cleanest design and most green housing around

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