05 a modern black framed pivot glass door is a gorgeous idea to emphasize the entry
05 a modern black framed pivot glass door is a gorgeous idea to emphasize the entry

Functional efficiencies for interior design

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Modern era and very practical, dynamic, and fast, this house is not just a place piles of furniture and decorative ornaments classy. In accordance with its function, the ideal home should provide comfort, safety, as well as hygiene. The essence is what gave birth to modern trends. world of these designs will remain popular in recent years. It can not be separated from the shift in the mindset of society is more concerned with aspects of functional and space efficiency. philosophical significance of modern design that could be associated with human character, that is quality oriented, perfect with essence, and likes cleanliness. The principle of an architecture is to give priority to common interests rather than personal interests.

Australian architects designed Tony Owen Partners Moebius House in Dover Heights, Sydney. Right from the start, this ultra-modern home design is the future of innovation and technology. According to Tony Owen Partners, the house is’ example ‘liquid architecture’ where the project is designed parametrically using digital 3-D software to respond to environmental issues. ” Maximizing natural ventilation, views and home efficiency, while minimizing the impact on neighbors is a key criterion of this method.

An innovative process design according to the final result – a futuristic architectural style that seems to flow from top to bottom in fine lines and curves. Houses and steel-clad large-framed swing glass walls, allowing for panoramic views of Sydney Harbour. The walls of windows that open onto an outdoor entertaining area, doubling the living space of the house. Interior sun-soaked, like the exterior, has an open layout with a fluid concept palette and minimalist interior concrete floor contemporary and futuristic features such as fireplaces and stairs suspended half-closed.

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