Dining Room Design and Decor – Tips and Ideas

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In this dining room, we have a classic rectangle table. It fits in most dining rooms, everybody has one. What is great about a rectangular table is that you can really have a great centerpiece. This table has a high gloss finish, but do not let that scare you. You could mix and match your chairs. You can do all upholstered chairs, with chairs that have wood frames, different color frames, mix up the fabrics. My goal is to help you create your liveable home, your special fabulous. One thing that we did here, mixing a less formal light fixture above the table with a high gloss more formal dining room table. It is interesting. It is all about mixing it up. It is all about being irreverent and not doing the straight ahead expected thing. Go for the unexpected.

Talking about mixing it up in terms of styles, look at the sunburst mirror. That is a very classic look, a very classic design, and we are mixing it in with a more contemporary feeling of the table and the light fixture. Another great way to mix things up is by mixing materials like we did on this bar piece over here. Mixing wood with mirror. Great piece, great design and it has a little bit more of an allure because you are mixing those materials.

Another thing about that piece is that it is raised off the floor. Instead of having a piece that is all the way down and heavy to the floor, a way to keep a space open and big looking is by having legs and keeping it open underneath like this piece over here. And talking about mixing things up, what better way than spending very little money for the biggest impact? Paint a feature wall. This wall looks great in this deep brown tone. A place to take a risk. One wall in a room to add that dramatic effect, and really claim the room as your own.

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