New 6pcs 4cm diy polystyrene foam balls christmas ball bubble solid white ball crafts christmas tree
New 6pcs 4cm diy polystyrene foam balls christmas ball bubble solid white ball crafts christmas tree

Christmas Ball Decoration

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Christmas ball decoration is so important to employ on the Christmas tree. You just need to wait for few days until Christmas celebration comes. As the homeowner, you should present the festive spirit by having great Christmas ball decoration. Definitely it can beautify the room of the house. Buying the Christmas ball tree will spend lots of money and it is not as meaningful as homemade Christmas ball decoration. You still have much time to make Christmas ball by yourself. Don’t forget to involve the children to share their creative ideas while waiting for the Christmas day to come.

The first area that you should concern during the Christmas celebration is the dining room. Why? This is an area that you and your family will spend the time to gather, chat and enjoy the meal. As a result, you should carry the Christmas atmosphere well by applying the Christmas ball decoration. It will be great if you can fit the color of the Christmas ball with the color of the dining appliances. For example, if you love to have white color for the table linen and napkin, it will be a good idea if you can select the white Christmas ball as the accent for the tree. Don’t forget to brighten the dining area by applying some light on the trees and window. In this post, I will give you some tips on how to decorate the Christmas tree by using colorful Christmas ball.

The first thing that you should do is gathering all of the Christmas balls in a particular container. Then you may need to work this project on a table. Don’t forget to secure your table from any glue or stain by applying the newspaper on its surface. Then you may need place some Christmas ball on the stem of the cedar pick by using some glue. You should press all of the balls until you think that all of them can attach well. It will be more cheerful if you can take the Christmas ball from the container randomly. It will be more decorative if you can add some greenery to cover the empty space of the cedar pick. Next, you need to turn your attention of the Styrofoam cone. You can decorate it using the biggest Christmas balls on the container. They are used as the focal point of the Christmas tree.

You just have to place them with the same rules that I have mentioned above. On the other hand, you may put some smaller Christmas balls to fill the gap of the largest balls. You may need to use the glue and don’t forget to push them. One thing for sure, you just have to make sure that the entire surface of this cone will be wrapped by the colorful Christmas balls. As the final touch, you just have to scrutinize all of the details in this Christmas ball decoration so that you will never miss any white Styrofoam. So, are you ready to try the homemade Christmas ball?

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