Money tree chinese new year decoration 09
Money tree chinese new year decoration 09

Chinese New Year Decoration

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If you are Chinese people who want to celebrate the New Year, you should apply a great style of Chinese New Year decoration. There are some exciting activities that you have to do with the family when it is the time for you celebrate the New Year. Chinese New Year usually will take place for about 15 days in the house. So, you may need to arrange the spirit of the Chinese New Year by implementing the Chinese New Year decoration. There are some important tips that you should consider for having pleasure and cozy New Year celebration.

The first to do is selecting the suitable knickknacks and materials used to create the homemade Chinese New Year decoration. You may also need to prepare the kits. Some of them may include the scissor, stapler, glue, paper and also tape. The paper must be selected with gold and red accent. Both colors are great to symbolize this celebration at home. The first Chinese New Year decoration that you should create is a lantern. You just have to attach some paper to deliver a great shape of lantern by using tape or glue. For the nice decoration, it will be great if you can apply some sparkling glitter and other accessories like ribbon. Then you may need to hang the lantern in some places of the house like in the front porch, in the living room and dining room. As a result, you will get the festive feeling of this celebration.

Next, you may need to consider about the wall treatment for Chinese New Year decoration. You just have to get some images depicting some important Chinese figures. It will be suitable if you pick the images based on the symbol of the Chinese year. It can be in dragon, rabbit or even pig. You just have to know the figure employed this year. Such images are not only useful for the wall, but you may also decorate them in the window and also door. Then you may need to concentrate on the dining table in the room. The Chinese New Year decoration must be presented too in this eating area for the family will be gathered and enjoy the food and dishes served. You may also place some traditional candles of Chinese people with some gold and red accent. You also need to get the candles filled with images of dragon. You can find them in Chinatown.

You may also have to get some of the Chinese New Year decoration which is considered as luck by the people. Those may include gold coin, oranges and also tangerine. Moreover, to make the Chinese New Year decoration looks pretty and natural, you should apply the flowers. They can be in the selection of Chrysanthemum, peach blossom and also narcissus. Don’t forget to create a tree made from money. This Chinese New Year decoration has been a characteristic which will never be replaced and left. Last, you may see that your Chinese New Year decoration has been completed.


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