Ceiling dome ideas 07
Ceiling dome ideas 07

Ceiling Dome Styles

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The style of ceiling dome in the house can add flair in the interior design of the house. Making the ceiling dome into something beautiful, elegant and chic can be changeling activity for the home owner in the house. There is no need to spend a lot of cash to update the look of the room in the house especially the living room. Adding ceiling dome is not something expensive since you can have it in budget friendly cost. The ceiling dome is not only great to add the arty effect, but it can also make the room in the house larger. The addition of ceiling dome is perfect to deliver texture and pattern in the room. Making the ceiling dome look amazing is something simple and easy to do. You can have the lighting fixture to make it more valuable to view.

Chandelier can be one of the most luxurious lighting fixtures that you can get to make it pleasurable. There are many types of ceiling domes that you can find on the store. In this post I will show some types of ceiling domes. The first of decoration is called as lighted dome. The people who love with the classic air in the house can couple the ceiling dome with chandelier. The dome usually will be equipped with a center medallion to make it symmetrical. The medallion is not only used as the decoration, but it is utilized as the support for cable, wiring and chain for the lighting style. The people who want to enjoy the contemporary twist can pick the ceiling dome fitted with fiber optic light.

You can also get an LED light located on the dome. It is wonderful to express the night skylight. It will be great if you paint the dome with blue or even black color to make the skylight more realistic to view. This is one of the best ideas to define the look of your children’s bedroom. The second type of ceiling dome is called as round dome. Even though it is a bit standard in style, many people use it. There are some types of round domes on the market. You can have it in surface mounted dome and installed dome. The people who want to enjoy the attractive impression of a dome can pick the painted ceiling dome.

The similar color of some with ceiling is something simple and easy. But you can make it into something extravagant by painting the dome with wonderful colors. If you have big budget to spend, you can paint the dome by hiring a professional artist to make the Sistine chapter of Michelangelo. The Renaissance panting can be one of the best options to deliver the classic appearance in the dome. The people who want traditional style can pick the paint inspired by the presence of the artwork. You can make the dome look like the appearance of a cathedral or even chapel. The people who love to enjoy the modern flair can pick simple color. You can get yellow, blue or even green ceiling dome.


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