Candle decoration ideas featured homebnc
Candle decoration ideas featured homebnc

Candle Decoration for Special Occasion

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Having the perfect candle decoration for certain occasion is a not easy to do if we do not know the basic rules about it. If you want to decorate the candle, it is better for you know much about the type of the occasion that you want to perform at home. It can be formal and informal. The selection as well as the arrangement of the candle decoration definitely will be affected by the type of the circumstance. If you think that a candle is only a decoration used to light the table, you are totally wrong. Candle decoration is not only functional; it can also carry decorative effect which can make your house look spectacular and fantastic. If you want to know the best things to adorn the house by using candle decoration, let’s see the tips below.

Your candle decoration will look different and unique if you can get the best container to accommodate it. You just need to make sure that the container or even the candle holder is suitable with the size as well as the type of the candle. For example, if you have a red candle for the special dinner, it is better for you to get the holder made in silver accent to carry the elegant and luxurious look. Gold can be a great option too. If the occasion is for the celebration of Christmas, you may pick the container made with some deer or Santa shape to blend with the theme illustrated in the house.

What about the color? You may pick green, red or even gold. All of them can express the spirit of Christmas. If you want the holder provided in something simple yet traditional and look exotic, you may utilize the chipped tee cup or even the canning jar. Both are great to be implemented in the country style occasion. If you want to carry sparkling effect, you may get the container made from crystal and glass. If you want make a homemade candle decoration, you may do it effortlessly. You just have to blend your candle with the crayon. Why do we have to use the crayon? This material is great for it can bring striking and vibrant colors like red, yellow, blue and also red.

What you have to do is by melting the pointed side of the crayon, and then you may draw anything you want on the surface of your candle. If your kids are interested to make this candle decoration, you have to supervise them for safer activity. You may draw many kinds of objects on the candle. Some of them may include flower and animals figures. The next thing that you should do to enhance the appearance of candle decoration is by selecting the right accessories as the accompaniment. The petal of rose flower will be a great choice if you want to carry romantic feeling on your candle decoration. You may also add some jewels or even sea shells for you homemade candle decoration.


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