Traditional cabin bathroom design 16
Traditional cabin bathroom design 16

Cabin Bathroom Design

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If you get stuck with the idea to change your bathroom style, you may need to look at the cabin bathroom design. This idea is so different than any other styles that you usually apply in the bathroom. Cabin bathroom design is always selected by the people who live in a country area since it accurately represents the true style of the relaxing feeling in such place. Even though you live a metropolis city, having cabin bathroom design will never make your house look old fashioned and awful, instead it will look unique and different. There is no need for you to spend the holiday in rural area since you can feel it right away on the house. The biggest inspiration that you should deliver when you want to apply such cabin bathroom interior design is the natural condition.

The main color and accent that you should possess when you decorate it will be the brown shades. You may also face a big challenge to incorporate the rustic feeling with the wild nature in the bathroom. If you are a bit confused with what you should do to get the look of cabin bathroom design, it is better for you to read the whole explanation below. The first thing that you should concern when you want to implement the look of the cabin bathroom design is deciding the color scheme that you want to have. Some of the colors may include sage green, brick red and also brown chocolate. The most important thing when you pick the backdrop for the wall is its neutrality which can deliver the feeling of the nature inside the room.

The next thing that you should concern in this cabin bedroom design is the lighting. To carry the quality of the nature, you may need to shop for a rustic lamp provided in some crafted shops in town. You may also pick the mounted ceiling fixture as well as wall sconce as options. You do not have to get a very bright lighting in this bathroom. The shady dim lighting will add romance into your cabin bathroom design. One of the important accessories that should present on the cabin bathroom design is a mirror. It is not only functional but also decorative in purpose. You need to make sure that you can bring the rustic mirror in the bathroom. The vanity must be in such style too.

You may get the frame of the mirror made in wood with its intricate and elaborative design. This decorative mirror can be the main focal point in the cabin bathroom interior design. Now let’s discuss about the flooring treatment in this cabin bathroom design. You may probably guess that I will tell you to install wooden floor. That’s true! The pattern of the flooring can be in irregular style if you want to carry unique feeling in this bathroom. If you stick with the regular one, that’s also fine. Don’t forget to put some accessories in the room. It can be in the form of some art wok depicting the deer or even bear. You rustic cabin bedroom design will be great and traditional.

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