Brown kitchen cabinet 500x500
Brown kitchen cabinet 500x500

Brown Kitchen: Complete and Practical

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The first appeal of this kitchen is the choice of color. Brown color provides warmth and comfort. The kitchen is equipped with the peninsula, which is modified with an additional shelf above it. Peninsula could be utilized as an area to eat, or just sit around chatting while dispensing food ingredients. This area is made compact with folding chairs. Thus, while not required to live a folding chair, and then save it. The kitchen is more concise and relief.

Now let’s look at the floor. Deliberate choice of colors and sizes are distinguished by the floor in another room. So also with the preparation style checkers board. Thus, the floor became the distinct of function space. Just as the application of different colors on different function spaces. Another interesting idea, to minimize the bulkhead, right.

To the left of the kitchen, there are stairs. Now, the area under stairs storage cupboard made. Cooking appliances and utensils, especially the rarely used, are stored here. The area is quite large, so it could load a lot of goods, so the area under the stairs is not wasted. The kitchen was neat and comfortable stay.

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