Blue and brown wall design 09
Blue and brown wall design 09

Blue and Brown Wall Decorating Style

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The people who get confused to find out the perfect scheme which can go well in any kinds of room can utilize the blue and brown wall as one of the best decisions to go. This color scheme can bring various decorating effects in the house. You can make the room look modern, country to even traditional by using the blue and brown wall. The tone set by the color scheme in the house can deliver nice impression especially if you can pick the nice shades along with the sweet texture and pattern. In this post I will show you the way to decorate the house with blue and brown wall in some rooms in the house. Let’s begin the decoration with the blue and brown wall for living room. This pleasant combo style can express the sense of relaxing and welcoming appeal for the occupants as well as the visitors for your house. What you have to do in the wall is simple.

You can add pattern to make the wall look vibrant and pleasurable. Pick the striped pattern which combines the blue and tan color. There is no need for you to apply all of the four walls with blue and tan striped paint. You can have the striped pattern in one or two wall. The rest of the wall can be painted in either tan or blue color. If you define the entire wall using striped pattern, it can make the wall look too busy. The furniture in the living room can be in chocolate brown or solid blue color. The throw pillow used to accessorize the sofa or chair should be in the opposite color. If the sofa is in blue, you should get the pillow in beige or even khaki color. The wall will be perfect by the placement of the hanging artwork and painting.

Pick the frame of the painting in solid black. If you love with neutral effect, you can have it in silver or even white color. Thee next room to decorate with blue and brown wall is the bedroom. There are many ways that you can do to make the wall in bedroom look amazing. You can get damask pattern if you want striking effect in the blue and brown wall. It can go well with the chocolate brown furniture since it can bring harmony.

The bedding in the sleeping area should be considered too. You can pick the blue comforter to deliver the personal feeling in this blue and brown wall decoration. You can have it decorated with a brown border for more enticing look. The blue and brown striped bedding is a nice thing to have. The pillow for the bedding can be in tan color. You can also decorate the flooring with a beige area rug. You can hang the shelves with neutral color if your want simple effect on the blue and brown wall. The curtain should be in the opposite color from the blue and brown wall. You can pick white as the safe option. The last thing that you can deliver is the additional wall scones lamps on the blue and brown wall bedroom decoration.


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