Luxury bath and closet style 03
Luxury bath and closet style 03

Bath and Closet Style Ideas

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Bath and closet style ideas must be decorated in nice way if the bathroom in the house is connected through the closet area. There are many houses built by incorporating the master bedroom into the master bathroom via the closet area. The bath and closet style that you have at home should be in harmony to deliver the perfect atmosphere. The closet in the house is one of the ignored spaces. People tend to focus the decoration on the living room, bathroom or even bedroom. Since the bath and closet style in the house is integrated, you need to make sure that you can give both of them similar attention. The decoration does not have to be complicated. The simplest one which can make the bath and closet style organized is the perfect decision to go. The best thing to catch in the bath and closet style is related to its tidiness.

The first thing that you can do to get the nice bath and closet style is by presenting the pocket door. This door is the best solution for you. It can maintain the privacy of the people in the bathroom or even in the closet. The closet is the room connected to the master bedroom and bathroom. Thus, it is functioned as the hallway or the entry way. The pocket door in this bath can provide high level privacy. When you need to use the closet, you just have to close the pocket door. You can slide the wall through the pocket door easily than before. It delivers the effect as if the pocket door is not presented in the master bedroom. The next thing that you can do to make the appearance of the bath and closet style sweet and harmonious is by matching the decor of both areas. The color scheme can be the first consideration to think about. The color of the bathroom can be applied in the closet too.

Both rooms are coordinated each other. Let me give you an example about it. If your master bathroom is defined in contemporary style by picking the white and black as the primary color palette, you can also pick both colors for the closet area. You can decorate the closet area by using checkerboard patterned wall and floor. Don’t forget to paint the wall in this closet area with white and black color. The type of the hardware in the closet should look identical with the hardware found in the bathroom.

For example, if you love with the cabinet in the bathroom made from solid dark wood, you can also place the same hardware for cupboard or even cabinet in the closet area. The next thing related to the bath and closet style is the features that you should deliver in both areas. The people who have a lot of types of clothes should pick the storage furniture which can deliver the best features. The people who love with the accessible ways can pick the cabinet equipped with drawers and pull out shelves. Consequently, your bath and closet style will be more functional to have at home.

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