Chinese carpets 01
Chinese carpets 01

Antique Chinese Carpet for Oriental Feeling in the House

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If your house is designed by applying the oriental look, I suggest you to you pick the suitable accessories like the antique Chinese carpet. A carpet is not only picked based on the function but also based on the design and colors. For example, if you hang an oriental painting in the house, it will be look more coordinated with the whole parts if you can apply the suitable Chinese carpet. The wall, the ceiling as well as the flooring is a unity that you should decorate in the same theme. China is famous country which can offer the buyers all over the world with high quality of fabrics. There are kinds of accessories and furniture designed based on the Chinese culture. The interest of such accessories is not derived from the Chinese people but also from foreign people.

The accessories are so unique and distinctive from any other cultural design in the world. In this post I will focus on talking about the Chinese carpet. Some people misunderstand about the word oriental carpet. They think that it is Chinese carpet. Such thought is wrong. The oriental carpet includes the Persian carpet, Chinese carpet and also Indian carpet. If you go to the store just be straight that you look for the Chinese carpet. The biggest difference of those three carpets lies on the pattern. If you look at the Chinese carpet you will see that it is patterned in traditional style without any attempt to make it look modern, while the two will adjust their pattern to delicate the western community. The Chinese carpet is suitable for the home owners who want to get rid of the plain house.

The Chinese carpet usually is created in intricate design and rich color. The material used to make the Chinese carpet is various too. You just have to pick it based on your personal preference. Some materials include the combination of silk, cotton, and also wool. If you love to have fluffy Chinese carpet, the wool material will suit you best. The pattern as well as the design comes in numerous types. If you love to have something energizing in the room, I suggest you to pick the Chinese carpet in dragon pattern.

It can increase the mood of the occupant in the house. The people who love with something cheerful and vibrant may pick the zodiac sign or even Chinese folklore pattern as recommendation. The women usually are in love to have something elegant and beautiful. Such quality is preserved well by the Chinese culture. It is also implied on the Chinese carpet in the pattern of lotus flower and phoenix. All of the patterns can be seen as the accent on the Chinese carpet. This Chinese carpet is sold widely in the antique and local store. The price is varied depending on the design, material and size. It is priceless if you are an art lover. The Chinese carpet can add your pride for its antiquity cannot be found in other products.

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