14 formal table setting
14 formal table setting

A Formal Dining Room Place Setting

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A formal dining setting will be a very big responsibility if we are in charge to design and decorate the dining room area. This situation actually is difficult for some people who do not understand much about the formal dining setting. Some rules need to be applied to get such look and we cannot do it randomly. Thus, you need to get an insight on how the appliance and the dining set are placed on the table. When you want to invite your business partner, you can serve them in dignified manner. When the table can be appropriately set in high class and formal dining, you will never embarrass yourself as a home guest. Let’s take a look at the tips to locate a formal dining setting.

The first thing to do is deciding the presence of mats. Formal dining setting can be decorated using with or without any beautiful mats. If you think that your table is to plain, you need to add a mat for more colors. The mat is so functional to avoid some accident and bad material. The mat can protect any food fall on your table that can make these two things get stained. If in this case, you determine to get a mat, you may organize it in the center of the every chair in the dining room. The gap between the mat and the guests is minimally 1 inch from the border of the dining table. The gap between one mat and the other guest’s mat is approximately 23 inches.

The main menu of the dining occasion is the dishes. There are two plates available in formal dining. The first place is a service plate. It is usually called as a charger.  A charger will be located on the center of the chair. This plate must be in decorative form so that the guest will never lose its appetite. When the salad or soup is served, this plate will be replaced. You need to place it 1 inch from the border of the mat. The cup and saucer should be placed 4 inches away in the right of the charger.

Moving to the formal dining for the drink, you may serve a bottle of classic and tasteful wine to guest. A glass of a red wine can be placed 1 inch away from the water glass. A white wine glass is also needed. You may place on the right of the water glass. Shifting to the napkin, you need to locate it on the center of the charger. You have to fold it in decorative style to beautify the look of this formal dining. The basic formal dining appliances that should be in the place of setting are the dining and salad fork, fish fork, napkin on the charger, knife and soup spoon. For the silver ware, there are a dining fork, salad fork, soup spoon, fish fork, knife, and teaspoon that you have to arrange in formal dining style. Based on the tips above, hopefully, you can get the best formal dining setting at home.


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