10 Tips in Buying a Refrigerator

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Refrigerator is a cooling appliance comprising a thermally insulated compartment, it is also as household electronic devices have an important role. Especially for those living in urban areas. The limited time that make them not able to shop every day, so that inevitably must keep the food in the refrigerator. The importance of this function makes your refrigerator should be more careful in choosing before deciding to buy it. There are 10 tips that have been collected following.

  1. Measuring the height first, width and length of the space to put a new refrigerator. Consider the space requirement when you open the refrigerator and the shelf. Maybe it helps if you note the size of the old refrigerator as well as the size of doors, stairs, and entrance before bringing a new refrigerator into place.
  2. Choose a refrigerator in accordance with needs. If you’re the type who shop weekly, select a large freezer to store a variety of meats and fish. This includes choosing the position of refrigerator and freezer. If you’re lazy to bend down to pick something, select a refrigerator that is located at the top.
  3. There are three types of refrigerators that you can consider, such as the types side by side/freezer on the side, two-door-mounted top/freezer on top, and two-door-bottom-mount/freezer below.
  4. Refrigerator that we have selected must have good cooling capability. The sign can be seen from the top right of the refrigerator. For European brands are usually marked with a star lights. Local Products Indonesia 3-star general with the ability of cooling to-150C. While brands from Europe have 5 stars with the ability to reach cooling-210C.
  5. Choose a refrigerator with vegetables or fruit compartment of the existing hole. If the compartment is filled with fruit, the hole should be closed to preserve freshness of the fruit. Meanwhile, if you want to store vegetables, better closing hole on the sides opened because vegetables require moist air.
  6. Before you buy one product, first you have to make the kind of list that are considered important features of a refrigerator. Some features available such as anti refrigerator frost, rapid cooling (quick-cool), water filtration systems (water filtration system), hot and cold water dispenser, water jug at the door, the window in the door to take the ice, anti shelf break, where drugs and snacks, the volume of the freezer, and information panels on the door. With a variety of features available, select a refrigerator that has a multi-water flow because of the features air serves to flatten more quickly in the refrigerator.
  7. You have also to select a refrigerator that has a rotary compressor, because of its shape which is simple to make vegetable compartment volume becomes larger. In addition, a refrigerator that uses a rotary compressor is generally closed neatly making it difficult for rats to enter into it.
  8. Determine how much capacity you need a refrigerator. Usually a small family needs refrigerator with 18-22 cubic-sized and a large family of 25-28 cubic-sized.
  9. Refrigerator with a body made of PCM (Pre Coated Materials) looks more shiny and exclusive because anti-scratch.
  10. Consider also the color of the refrigerator. Many refrigerators comes with white, there are also other colors like black, blue, and stainless steel. You should match the color of the refrigerator with kitchen decor and feel of your home.

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